About – Het Landhuis

banner_landhuisFoundation Het Landhuis (the manor) in the center of Maastricht sprouted from the Landbouwbelang started as a community project in 2010. The once severely damaged and abandoned house, became an occupied and sustainable renovated open space with the help of friends, neighbors, international students and travelers.
Since 2011, het Landhuis has been an open living room and workspace, where everyone is welcome to participate and organize activities for the benefit of a diverse community in a cultural, (self-)sustainable and social entrepreneurial sense.
The Landhuis hosts regular activities such as Repair Cafe, Radio Timo a la carte, music, collective gardening and cooking, pizza and bread baking, pressing fruit for juice, movie screening, workshops on complementary currency, new economics and sociocracy. etc.
Today it is a well visited, open living room for people interested and working on a more greener and sustainable world and personal lifestyle. The agenda on this website shows the program for the following weeks. Please, feel free to visit us and see where, when and how you can share your enthousiasm and quality’s with us.

Het Landhuis, Maasmolendijk 24 6221 AH Maastricht      info@hetlandhuis.org
For reservations please contact Kelly van Bragt: kelly@hetlandhuis.org.
Also visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HetLandhuisMaastricht/
We are part of the Cultural Freezone Collective: http://www.culturalfreezonecollective.org/