18 april. Gamers afternoon

gamersEnglish below.
Zaterdag 18 april is van 15 tot 18 uur een (retro)gamers namiddag.
Er zijn bordspellen en wat er verder nog aan spellen in dozen en koffers gevonden worden. De Livingroom verzorgt de koffie, cake en soep. Kom meedoen!

Sick of Uni? Sick of permanent information overload and technology? Then this absolutely retro event might be the one for you! This Saturday the Livingroom will open its doors for an extraordinary Board Game Session and Meet and Greet!
The Livingroom will provide a variety of games, however we will also be very happy about some more input from you guys! Sooo rummage through those old boxes and bring your gaaames!

There will also be:
*Livingroom Coffee (soy milk available!)

Hope to see you there!!