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Voko is a community-based cooperative for organic food. By buying directly from the a wholesaler and regional producers we can keep costs low.

Make organic food more accessible. Exchange knowledge on healthy nutrition. Distribute local and organic products.

Members of the Voko share their wish to live in a sustainable, respectful way for all living creatures and the earth. Therefore, labels such as the European certifiate for organic food or Demeter are taken as a guideline. Regional products that accord to the ECO labels from our point of view can also enter the Voko food circulation.
Voko is a community-based food cooperative (Voko = for the Dutch “VoedselKoöperatie”, food cooperative). By buying food together, directly from, or as close as possible to the producer, costs can be held low, and valuable knowledge can be exchanged.

At his moment, we organise one big order per month in which members can order products of Voko’s different suppliers. Ordering only once per month is on the one hand due to the relatively low ‘purchasing power’ of the group and limited time.
On the other, ordering big amounts at one time is a good lesson in estimating your needs, getting an idea of how much you consume, and it also stimulates to travel less for your groceries.Voko banner

The Voko is only possible by sharing work. By the time we have found out that a combination of a) volunteer work that is open to every member, b) some permanent tasks, and c) a reward system works well for us. Every member that wants to become involved more than the “open tasks” is very welcome to do so.

General Information
How to join and order with Voko – a step by step description:
– Sign up to our mailing list through this facebook page or write an e-mail to vokomaastricht@gmail.com.
Once you are in the mailing list you’ll receive the monthly mails which remind you of the order dates, deadlines for the money transfer, etc.
– When ordering your first time you will receive a password and username for the foodsoftware (that’s the place where you submit your order, accept tasks, etc.).
– A week before the order you’ll get a newsletter with the order dates and the request to transfer money to the Voko bank account. Your money will be added as credit to your foodsoft account.
– You get a reminder by mail once the order is opened. During three days you can submit your order (usually from Saturday 12 am to Monday night 12pm).
– On the Thursday after, from 6 to 7 pm, it’s time to pick-up your products at the Landhuis, Maasmolendijk 24, Maastricht. You can also ask for cycle delivery with Demarrage (you can order this online in the foodsoft).

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